Kid World Citizen (Blog Feature)

Becky Morales is fairly new to TpT, and is ready to make things happen with her enthusiasm.  She is a mother, wife, and teacher in the state of Texas.  She has traveled extensively in more ways than one, and has made the teaching of multiculturalism her passion and mission in life.

Her husband is from Mexico City and they have two daughters of their own.  They have adopted one son from China, and a second son from Ethiopia.

Becky founded Kid World Citizen and has developed several global activities to instill multiculturalism in her students and children.  Visit and read her website kidworldcitizen.com to be inspired about teaching multiculturalism to your students.

Visit her store to purchase some of her multicultural and Spanish activities.  She does have some products that are free of charge.  Be sure to take advantage of these products and Becky's expertise from her website and store on TpT.

Kid World Citizen


  1. Thank you so much for sharing!!!! How cool:)

  2. Thanks so much. It has been such a pleasure getting to know other Teacher-Authors a little better.