Miss Senorita (Blog Feature)

Welcome to Jessica Hall, the name behind the TpT store, Miss Senorita.  She lives in New York City and has two guinea pigs named Honey and Pepper.  She enjoys camping and kayaking and sometimes likes to knit.  Jessica has taught Spanish 1, 2, and 3 during her six years of having been a teacher.

Visit Ms. Senorita

Ms. Senorita has a little over 100 resources in her store.  You can find several items for Spanish 1, 2, and 3.

Make sure to get her freebie with a list of adjectives and several activities for students.

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She has many games in her store because she likes to make teaching fun for her and her students. 


Kid World Citizen (Blog Feature)

Becky Morales is fairly new to TpT, and is ready to make things happen with her enthusiasm.  She is a mother, wife, and teacher in the state of Texas.  She has traveled extensively in more ways than one, and has made the teaching of multiculturalism her passion and mission in life.

Her husband is from Mexico City and they have two daughters of their own.  They have adopted one son from China, and a second son from Ethiopia.

Becky founded Kid World Citizen and has developed several global activities to instill multiculturalism in her students and children.  Visit and read her website kidworldcitizen.com to be inspired about teaching multiculturalism to your students.

Visit her store to purchase some of her multicultural and Spanish activities.  She does have some products that are free of charge.  Be sure to take advantage of these products and Becky's expertise from her website and store on TpT.

Kid World Citizen


Blog Feature: Mundo de Pepita

I am so happy to feature el Mundo de Pepita store on my blog.  Julie and Matt are a husband and wife team, and the driving force behind the store.  They live on the coast of Maine and enjoy hiking and outdoor activities.  

Julie teaches Spanish to elementary school children even though she has taught Spanish, Russian, and ESL to all grade levels and adults.  Matthew is a reading and dyslexia special education teacher and the marketing guru of Mundo de Pepita.

Mundo de Pepita uses a research based approach to teaching languages which is exposing students to vocabulary within context.  This is exactly what they do in their mini booklets with original and adorable illustrations with six characters.

Be sure to visit their blog at:  El Mundo de Pepita and read about some fascinating ideas to try in your classroom.

Visit TpT and check out their latest product:  Newest Booklet about Colors


Back to School Sale

Oh my goodness, it is almost time for the Back to School Sale on August 4-5, 2014.  It will be perfect to save money, 28%.  Creative Expressions has bundles at 30% discount but with the sale, it will be an additional 28% which means that you will be paying 58% less to get your flashcards.  Bundles are already at a discount, but if we include them in the sale, it will be a healthy amount of savings.  If you prefer, you can purchase the individual items instead of buying several units at once.

Come join us.  We have everything on sale.