Tim Sensei

Tim has lived and taught ESL in Japan for the last eight years.  When you visit his TpT store, Tim Sensei, you will see the brightest and crispest resource covers that I have ever seen.  He creates his own beautiful clip art and uses songs to help students learn the English language.  Tim has spread his talents to include a website, The Magic Crayon (www.themagiccrayon.com) that he owns with three of his teaching friends.  In his TPT store, you will find large numbers of ESL resources such as songs, lesson plans, flash cards, and posters. 

I think one of the wonderful things about TpT is that you can admire and purchase resources from someone on the other side of the world.  It looks like his students are lucky to have Tim on their side.

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The Kindergarten Kitchen (Blog Feature)

 The Kindergarten KitchenHappy Greetings to Ashleigh Mathew, the teacher-author of The Kindergarten Kitchen from St. Louis, Missouri.

She was nominated Best New Teacher in 2012 and nominated Teacher of the Year in 2014.

Ashleigh is fluent in Spanish and enjoys creating bilingual resources to benefit Spanish speaking parents.  She has also taught in the Spanish Immersion K/1 Program.

Be sure to check out her store and resources.  Her Presentation for Parents in English and Spanish is a wonderful resource to have if you have Spanish speaking parents. 


Kindergarten and the Common Core: A Presentation for ParentsHer presentation for parents in English and Spanish is a wonderful resource to have if you have Spanish speaking parents in attendance.



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La Profe Plotts (Blog Feature)

La Profe Plotts La Profe Plotts is from Oregon and earned her B.A. in Spanish from Willamette University in 2003.  She received her M.Ed. in 2009 from Portland State University.

La Profe Plotts has taught English as a Foreign Language in Ecuador for two years and taught high school Spanish for five years.  She likes to teach language through music, games, hands-on-activities and other engaging lessons.

La Profe Plotts began her TpT store to support her baby boy's college fund.  Her husband is also a teacher.

Visit her store:  La Profe Plotts Store

Feel free to browse through her resources!!! 

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Sra Sol (Blog Feature)

Welcome, Sra Sol, from Illinois. 

She has taught Spanish for 10 years.  One of her greatest accomplishments has been to take students abroad to have them experience language and culture in the real world to become global citizens. 

Sra Sol       Visit Sra Sol Store

Most of Sra Sol's products are in Spanish because that is what she teaches, but she does have some French resources since that was her minor in college.

Her most popular product is the Back-to-School Decor Kit which is perfect for bilingual elementary classrooms.

Back-to-School Decor Kit            Classroom Labels and Decorations in Spanish

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