Free Spanish Christmas Cards


I have been in the Christmas spirit, and I decided to create some Christmas cards in Spanish.  I used Christmas pictures in color and black and white.  Some teachers like to give their students the opportunity to color and decorate Christmas pictures on cards.  I used Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo as Christmas greetings.  I used the Spanish Christmas greetings only.

Teachers can print all of the Christmas cards and use the colored cards or the black and white ones.  The students can always write the English Christmas greetings on the cards and have bilingual cards.  

You can get these cards for free right here on our blog, or you can visit Creative Expressions on Teachers Pay Teachers and download the free Christmas cards there.

My sister Diana and I would like to thank you for the purchases that you have made at Creative Expressions and we look forward to your visit in 2015.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!



I am so excited because my sister and I are getting everything ready to make our Christmas tamales on December 2nd and 3rd.  We have been trying to get a tamalada going for months.  What is a tamalada you ask?  This is when family members get together to make a large amount of tamales, especially during the Christmas Holidays.  There can never be too many tamales.

First, we purchase masa or dough that is already mixed and made at a tortilleria.  Then we get the corn husks because they need to be placed in water so that they can be soft when we place the masa on there.

Next, is the carne de puerco or pork meat for the filling.  We use pork, chicken, and beans as fillings.  My favorite types of tamales are when we add raisins to the masa or dough.  The raisins add moisture and sweetness to the dough, and the best tasting tamales.

We used to cook tamales with our mother all of the time when we were growing up, but my mom is now too old to make tamales.  So, my sister and I enjoy carrying the tradition forward.  I love the feeling of family that is generated when making tamales.

How many of you are making your own tamales?  How many of you are paying someone to make tamales for you? 

Happy Tamaladas!!