Blog Feature: Mundo de Pepita

I am so happy to feature el Mundo de Pepita store on my blog.  Julie and Matt are a husband and wife team, and the driving force behind the store.  They live on the coast of Maine and enjoy hiking and outdoor activities.  

Julie teaches Spanish to elementary school children even though she has taught Spanish, Russian, and ESL to all grade levels and adults.  Matthew is a reading and dyslexia special education teacher and the marketing guru of Mundo de Pepita.

Mundo de Pepita uses a research based approach to teaching languages which is exposing students to vocabulary within context.  This is exactly what they do in their mini booklets with original and adorable illustrations with six characters.

Be sure to visit their blog at:  El Mundo de Pepita and read about some fascinating ideas to try in your classroom.

Visit TpT and check out their latest product:  Newest Booklet about Colors


  1. Paula,
    Thank you so much for featuring us on your blog! If you are interested, we could send you a freebie which you could post on it for your readers (and you, of course!)
    Warm regards,
    Julie & Matthew

  2. Wow, Julie and Matthew!!!! Please send me a freebie at creativeexpression@outlook.com and I will post it on the blog.