Math Task Cards

I am a secondary teacher and I love task cards.  They can be used in so many different ways to help students.

# 1:  Task cards can be used in math centers.  You can place 5 - 10 task cards or more.  Students get to choose which task cards they want to work on or solve.  Our task cards are set up with differentiation in mind, but the teacher does not select the card for the student.  One problem is set up in four different ways to help students.  The first has pictures and lower level vocabulary.  The numbers are not spelled out but written in numeric form.  The second card is the same as the first, but has no pictures.  The third one has simple sentences, and the numbers are spelled out for the students.  The fourth and last card has a compound sentence and higher level vocabulary.  The students will select the cards that will show his mastery and success.

# 2:  Teachers can give each student a set number of cards, and the students can sit at their desk and solve the problems.  The teacher selects the cards for each student.  The students can be given additional cards when the student has completed the first set.  The teacher can even provide an answer key for each student so that they can grade and correct their own work.

# 3:  The teacher can place cards at each desk.  Each student will work on the first set, and when the teacher says "scoot", the students can move to the next desk with a different set of cards.  The students can scoot as many times as the teacher wants them to do so.  Scoot is wonderful because students do not have to sit long periods of time in one place.

Feel free to visit our store, www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Creative-Expressions to get the hundreds of task cards that are available.  We have the cards in Spanish also.

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