1st Annual Gonzalez Family Reunion

Our first family reunion was held on June 20, 2015, and it was so much fun.  All of us helped to find different addresses for different members of the family.  Family members made invitations, and others put them in envelopes and stamped them.  The results were phenomenal.  The actual reunion was held at my brother's ranch and home.  That was a beautiful decision because my brother and his wife have a beautiful and large home with a pool.  There are large, old shade trees on the property as well.  Only family members with health issues did not attend the Gonzalez Family Reunion.

The meat and basic side dishes were provided by my brother and his wife.  Drinks were purchased by one of our cousins and his family.  Hundreds of peaches were included by another one of my cousins and his family who live in the Hill Country of Texas.  Everyone helped with favorite side dishes and desserts.  The most popular dessert was provided by my aunt's family.  They managed to get the reunion invitation on a huge cake.  Even though we didn't want to eat it because it was so beautiful, the cake was delicious.

One of my sisters prepared a PowerPoint presentation of a variety of family pictures.  After a healthy meal, all of us walked outdoors to take recent family pictures.  Everyone had a lot of fun as jokes were hurled back and forth as we posed for pictures.  During the reunion all phones were out, as well as iPads, to take more pictures.

There were several activities such as swimming, volleyball, and dancing.  But talking and catching up with different family members was the most popular entertainment.  All of us were having so much fun that we decided to make the Gonzalez Family Reunion an annual event.
Most of us are already making plans for next year.

Hasta luego, 

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