Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is upon us, and we need to celebrate.  Many students will be learning about this Mexican holiday; even though, it is being celebrated more in the United States by Mexican-Americans and other Hispanics.  Many Hispanics view Cinco De Mayo as a time to expose others to Mexican culture and traditions.

Many people confuse Cinco De Mayo with el 16 de septiembre, Mexico's independence from Spain.  El Cinco De Mayo is celebrated because of the Battle at Puebla in 1862.  Mexico was in heavy debt with Britain, Spain, and France.  Mexico negotiated with Britain and Spain, but France decided to invade Puebla, Mexico because of the debt.  The French were led by Napolean III.  Mexico was led by General Zaragoza, and they were the victors at Puebla.  Benito Juarez was the President of Mexico at this time.

El Cinco De Mayo is celebrated in Puebla, but it is not a federal holiday.  Teachers provide informative articles for the students, fiestas, parades, pinatas, and Mexican foods to help students learn about the holiday and Mexican culture.

I used to love celebrating el Cinco De Mayo with my students when I was teaching, and I would search for activities to help students understand the holiday.  

I have created some Cinco De Mayo cards for your use in our Creative Expressions store......Enjoy!

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