Free Spanish Valentines

Our new year, 2015, is moving too quickly for my taste.  There are so many things that I enjoy doing that there are not enough hours in the day for me to do everything that I want to do.  I do hate feeling rushed.  Is that how life always has to be?  Rushed? I prefer a more relaxed approach to life. 

Regardless, Valentines Day is upon us, and I am determined to be  present for the moment.  In fact, that is my new goal...to be more  present for the moment instead of worrying about what I need to do next.

Moving into our new home is right around the corner.  Mom has her own room with bath and walk in closet.  Santos and Paco have their own area, and so do Domingo and I.  Paquito has his own area and patio.  I can hardly wait because our goal for our new home is to be more organized to make all of our lives more comfortable.  We should be in our home by Valentine's Day.  I will share pictures on my blog.

Back to Valentine's Day!  Enjoy your hearts and Spanish sub-headings. 

Feliz Dia De San Valentine!!!!

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