Back To School Rules

If you haven't returned back to school yet, you will be returning pretty soon.  You need to make sure that you spend the time reviewing back to school rules.  For middle school students and high school students, these rules, which I now have in my store always worked. 

Back To School Classroom Rules

#1 Be On Time -
Be in your seat before the bell rings.

#2  Be Prepared -
Be in your seat with your materials such as paper, pencil, assignments, and working on bell ringers.

#3 Raise Your Hand -
Raise your hand and wait until the teacher calls on you.

#4 Keep Hands To Yourself -
Keep out of everyone's space and do not touch anyone.

#5 Respect Other's Property -
Touch materials that belong to you. Do not touch anything that does not belong to you.

#6 Keep Your Area Clean -
When we work on projects, pick up paper that falls around your desk.  Get a paper towel and wipe any glue or marks that are on your desk and working area.

#7 Be Courteous -
Wait for others to finish speaking.  Let others walk ahead of you.  Listen to others when they are speaking.  This includes the teacher.

#8 Be Responsible -
Bring materials to class. Bring assignments to class.  Keep your notes and handouts organized.

#9 Walk For Safety -
Walk everywhere in the school building at all times.

This unit includes scenarios and students need to explain what rule(s) are being broken and what rule needs to be applied.  My recommendation is that you and your students take the time to review the rules, examples, and scenarios.  

When I was in classroom, some years I tended to rush through the rules because sometimes, secondary students can look very bored when discussing the rules.  But, rushing through the rules, means that you will suffer through out the school year due to lack of patience.

Make sure that you reserve the bulletin board for classroom rules for constant review.  Send a copy of the class rules home, save one for the student, and create a poster board for the bulletin board.


  1. Hi Paula!
    Love your rules! I also love your comment about not rushing through the rules- it is so true that time taken at the beginning of the year to review and explain expectations means less time taken later in the year redirecting behaviours. I don't know if you've heard of Responsive Classroom-it is a all encompassing method for setting up and maintaining your classroom community, including rules, behaviour management & classroom community building. We use it at our elementary school and your rules and how you've laid out your process reminds me a lot of it! Julie

  2. Hi Julie,
    I cannot say that I ever went to a staff development dealing with Responsive Classroom. But, I did go to several staff development on discipline and classroom management. I ma glad you like the rules that worked well for me for so many years/